Pyre - A Pre-release look

So with it's oddly beautiful and strange art-style a game that has caught my eye recently is Pyre. It's a party-based RPG and looks to be set in a space-like demonic realm. It's still in pre-order at the moment but from posted photos and first looks I can say it's somewhat unique. If you want to know what I mean then take a look below. This is their Launch trailer.

Most of the images and game-play look to be paintings almost and the effects are really out there when it comes to attacks and abilities. 

While it's more than a little flashy it seems to have a solid enough story and several cool features like Verses friends and a branching story-line. It's also built for 4K which is impressive with the art-style they chose.

The game also has an impressive lineage as the developers Supergiant Games also made Bastion and Transistor both of which are incredibly highly rated on Steam and PS4 and share the painted style of Pyre.

Pyre is set to be released July 25th, 2017. So it's really soon. If this is your kind of game then you can follow the link below to take a look at it. Right now it seems that it's 10% off on Steam along with the bundle version.

I'll keep an eye on it and update the post with more info when I get it.