Yonder: The Cloudcatcher Chronicles – First Impressions

At first glance I thought, “Windwaker”.

The game’s graphics have a very GameCube Zelda vibe, but with a much larger and more interactive world.

An adorable and well-polished release available on both Steam and PS4.

In game you're stranded on an island with so many different environments it’s basically its own little world.  There are some odd creatures called ‘sprites’ you encounter and the entire island is going through a phase where it is covered in what is known as Murk. You are quickly tasked with cleaning up the island and saving the land from darkness, all while helping the natives and building your own little paradise. Not original, but well done none-the-less.

Now I didn’t get a great look at the gameplay yet but the feel of this game is so relaxing. There is no combat so you only need to worry about exploring and helping the locals. Not to mention there are so many adorable animals all over the place.

As a plus the minimal graphics make the world unique and curious. I spent most of my first test just running through the grass and messing with the fauna.

There are a few drawbacks I found in my first test of the game though.

There is a bit of a lag when you move too fast, especially when there are a lot of tall grasses, and the animals sometimes rubber band back to another spot. There one moment, gone the next.

It didn’t really impact my game time but it was slightly annoying. So far, the patch has somewhat fixed this but not completely. There seem to be updates on the way soon however that might address the lag.                                                              

All-in-all I enjoyed the bit I’ve played so far. It really brought back all the love I have from Harvestmoon, Runefactory, and Zelda and gave it to me in a cute little package. While it still needs a little bit of love this game is one I look forward to playing.


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