PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds - 5 Tactics and a Tip to help you Survive


Landing site

You start the match in a plane after a short lobby wait. While the area is entered randomly the principle stays the same. Go for smaller jump sites.

Larger cities and areas with lots of building are a highly sought target for most. Instead find an isolated house and go for it!


  • Laying traps for other players is a rather simple task. If you need to trick an enemy then leave a door or two open and find a hiding spot nearby. Chances are they’ll either avoid the building entirely or try and find you. With them distracted aim for the head if possible and the body mass second. This maximizes damage, especially if they are not wearing a helmet.

  • Another route to take is to leave a door open into a house with only one exit and an item of decent use, such as an energy drink or first aid kit. When the enemy enters the room toss a Molotov or stun grenade at the base of the door. This works two ways, one to trap another to damage.

  • Avoid using a vehicle early on and stay away from motorcycles. Finding gas is a chore and while cars are fast they are loud and will make an easy target. If you need a car and are playing solo then be aware that you can’t shoot a gun from the driver’s seat, but can switch into a passenger seat while the car is moving to shoot if necessary.

  • When the barrier wall is closing in make sure you stick closer to it than the center of the circle. This will act like a shield to your back and cut down on a lot of sneak attacks. Keep moving forward with it and let the barrier fence in your opponents.

  • If you find yourself pinned in and need a silent escape then wait for a plane to go by. This noise masks most sounds and will let you get out quietly.