The wind danced across the land, whipping the trees about in a fury, an echoing howl that sent the scattered villagers running for the safety of their houses as the sky darkened, and the earth heaved.

Madness, it was. Or so it seemed. For though the fearful mortals ran, there was one who stood waiting. One who laughed and played as the storm tore apart the world.

A child, young and brave, ignored the pleas of the village mothers who called to her from their windows. She balked for, as he’d said, they were afraid, they were afraid of what they couldn’t stop. Afraid of what the wind would bring, of what the earth churned for. They feared it, yet never even considered it was what they deserved. It was what they’d earned.

“You shouldn’t be here,” the wind itself howled to the child. “Go home.”


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Angel Sisson
The Great Cycle

The Great Cycle



                The wind whips the snow around, stinging the eyes of the three dwarven companions. Their packs heavy on their backs as they make their way up the mountainside. Norvin, the youngest and least bearded of the three, drops atop a rock protruding from the snow, beneath a great pine.

                "Why do we have to do this?" He asks, surprisingly breathless.

                The other two dwarves look at each other, knowingly stroking their great beards. Neither seems in the least bit winded.

                "I mean, why do we have to climb this dreadful mountain in the wee hours of the morn to spy on the Stink-breaths? We know exactly what they're gonna do. They've been doing it for..." Norvin trails off, uncertainty in his voice.

                The older, grayer dwarf, Bhakru, looks down at Norvin resting on his rock. "Son, all we know is the Great Cycle. Do you have any memories of before?"

                Norvin looks at his elder and shakes his head. Bhakru continues, "We need to break the Great Cycle and we need figure out how. If you've got better ideas, speak up!"

                The third dwarf, Trogh, is a portly middle-aged dwarf. "And don't call them Stink-breaths. They're goblins. If we wanna break the Great Cycle, we need to at least stop childish name calling."

                "Well, their breath does stink!" Norvin retorted, annoyance creeping into his eyes. "Last week, one of 'em jumped on top of me and I could smell it. Smelled like rotten arse. Then he tore a chunk outta me throat." He unconsciously rubs his neck, even though nothing is there. "Swear I can still feel it."

                Trogh pulls Norvin to his feet. "You know that's not how it works."

                The trio starts hiking again, nearing the next ridge. Before the sun breaks the horizon, they crest the ridge. There, they can see the goblin hovels clearly. Twigs and skins and mud and stones all hastily thrown together, barely looking like they'd stand up to a stiff breeze. Even in the pre-dawn hours, the goblin camp was awake. Dozens of goblins scrambling about grabbing weapons, tearing apart a recent kill, blood and filth covering the entire camp.

                "So, what're we looking for?" Norvin asked, eyeing the goblin feast with disgust.

                "I dunno." Bhakru said. "Anything that might help us gain the advantage. Anything that might be causing the Great Cycle. Hell, anything shiny."

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Shark with Wings

“It’s enchanted,” I mumble as I drag it back to the beach. It was a good two feet longer than I was tall and I had some trouble holding it up. I could feel the pulse of magic under my palm though, the warm blue sea magic that circled it. I didn’t want to leave it on the shore for some untrained fool to find. “I wonder what it does.”

“Probably something stupid,” Garrett said jokingly. He still examined it from a distance. Garrett was rather mistrustful of anything magical and I found it ironic that I was his favorite person to pick at. Especially seeing as how I was the only mage left in our little guild. Well, in hindsight, he was always preventing me from casting spells so maybe he picked on me because I was a mage.

“You’re a mood lifter,” I groused and gave him an irritated glare. “It could be something cool. Like I could command a fish to attack you with this thing.”

“We’re on land,” Garrett replied smugly. “What is it going to do? Spit water at me?” Garrett’s smile faltered a second later and he hopped on one foot, kicking at a crab that had climbed onto his boot and pinched his leg. “What in the hell’s?!”

I stare in shock at the little crab as it flew into the water and scuttled back to stand beside the trident. I smiled. “Well, so it commands crabs. Cute.”

“Cute? That little fucker just pinched me!”

“You were being obnoxious,” I waved off the angry man and looked at the trident again. I smiled. “You think fish can fly?” I asked.

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Angel Sisson
Team Work





It was dark, it was scary, and I didn’t want to go in.

I was never given a choice in the matter. Never even asked if it was what I wanted.

There was so much I’d do for these people, but they just kept asking things of me that I couldn’t always give. This? This was one of them.

“Princess, either you go on your own, or I’m pushing you down those stairs. It’s just a basement.”

“No!” I cling onto the upper railing as Garrett tried to pry me off. “Why do I have to clean it by myself?”

“Because you’re the one that flooded it,” Another heave and Garrett almost managed to pull me free. He wasn't in a very good mood since Ferros had sent him to lock me in the basement till it was clean and was being a bit rougher than he should have. I still didn't let go even though I was sure I had several bruises by now. I wouldn't give in to the bullies! Either of them! “Maybe next time you will think before casting Ice spells... inside... in the middle of summer."

“It was your idea Mister I-want-cold-ale,” Petulantly I cling on tighter. “You should have to help.”

“I wasn’t the one who lost control of my wand and froze half the cellar,” With a final tug I was tossed over Garrett’s shoulder as his greater strength won out. “Now stop being a baby and go.”

Not letting me free Garrett walked down into the dank and rather chilly cellar.

“You leave me down here alone and I’m setting everything on fire to dry it out!” I threaten as we enter the first area of the basement where Ferros kept his kegs. “I swear it!”

I hear Garrett chuckle, “You know damn well that I don’t care a rat's ass about this place.”

“Fine. When you leave, I’ll go find Breken and make him help me. At least he won’t be so mean.”

“Go ahead,” With no warning Garrett dropped me on my bottom in a puddle. Soaking my robes and boots. “If you want to spend time with a bootlicker in a dark basement, who am I to stop you?”

Standing up and wringing out my robes I start towards the stairs. Near the bottom I take a deep breath and shout. “Hey! Brek-” As I’d predicted a gloved hand clamped over my mouth.

“Shut the hell up and start cleaning,” Glaring down at me from over my shoulder Garrett hissed. “I’ll watch. Make sure nothing eats you while you’re down here.”

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