Slowly but surely

So the official trailer is up for TGOC and I have the patreon page up and running with a few rewards tossed in there. If your interested there is a link on the website for you to take a look and decide if you'd like to support what we do.

That being said there will be things only on the website, things only on patreon, and things just on YouTube. A pain I know but this way everyone gets a bit of something special. The behind the scenes videos for example will be posted here in edited format while there will be special clips I save for patrons only. Sorry but I feel they deserve something a little special... That being said I have set up discord for anyone to contact me if they like. There is a special channel for patrons only but I have an open policy channel too for anyone who just wants to say hi. All are welcome and I'll send out a special link to join to anyone who asks.

Don't be shy! I swear all the blood and bits are fake... mostly... :-)

Angel Sisson