Thrown away ending I wrote when I decided I hated Garrett - I still don't like him but I won't be petty :-(

We’d been together through thick and thin. Through demons and monsters. Through undead and goblins. We didn’t always get along but I’d trusted him with my life. So to say I was surprised was an understatement.

When we’d finally gotten to the end. When I’d finally found the creature that had at one time been my father. I’d thought we’d be together when we stopped it. Side by side ending the one thing that threatened everyone. I was so wrong.

I’d never expected the arrow to my gut, nor the one that followed. I’d never expected to see the man I’d come to see as a friend, perhaps more, standing over me with a blank look on his face as if I meant nothing to him. I’d never expected him to take the catalyst from my stiff fingers as I bled out from the wounds he’d inflicted. I never expected to see him kick me aside with a booted foot as he walked away without a word.

I never expected Garrett to betray me. To walk right out of the mausoleum. To leave me there. Nor did I expect to see the man I’d come to love change as he walked away. I couldn’t be sure, my sight was fading, but I knew Garrett didn’t have long black hair.


“Head up lass,” I was snapped out of my memories  as my companion Ferros dropped into the tavern seat beside me. I stare down at my ale I’d been nursing and shake out the lingering images.

“Sorry I was just thinking,” I told him while accepting the plate of food he pushed to me.

It had been nearly two years since Garrett had left me to die in that tomb. I’d been nearly dead when another of our guild, Breken, had found me and managed to get me to a healer. It’d taken a long time for physical wounds to heal. It still seemed as if the mental ones would last forever.

After the incident, when I couldn’t stop the Lich, I’d lost everyone I’d cared for. Mother’s Tavern had been torched and my family gone missing. We’d never found them, even after weeks of searching. All three of them were just gone. Mother, Ayden, and Sevenna.

It had been then that I decided I wouldn’t stop. I wouldn’t rest until I found that Lich and his traitorous sidekick. I wouldn’t stop until they were both in the ground for good. I wouldn’t stop until I had lain my family to rest. After all. I had nothing left but to hunt. To follow behind Ferros and Orri and to fight.  Garrett had made sure of that when he shot me.

We’d been following the Lich’s trail north from Everend for some time. We were somewhere on the southern end of Rilesdale, a forested and underdeveloped land.