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Fangirl is now Live and Viewable... The first official video of TGOC

Fangirl is now Live and Viewable... The first official video of TGOC

So it is finally time for me to release Fangirl... I spent several weeks on this video to get the right shots and the right sounds and the right expressions and I am still not entirely happy with it but if I spend too much more on it I wouldn't even release it lol.

So here it is. The first video for Two Geeks, One Camera and the start of many more. I want to thank the people who have been watching our videos and leaving us comments lately. You guys are why we do this. Even if it is only for a few minutes of the day I'm glad you spent it with us. I'm happy to know that somewhere I had at least a tiny impact of someone who might have smiled at what I created. It's why we do this.

If you enjoy the video then please leave me a comment or send me an email. Let me know what you liked or didn't. I am fine with critics. They help me improve. I am fine with those who just need to talk too. There are many ways to reach me and I will do my best to answer everyone I can. No one needs to feel alone when I'm just a message away :-) and I promise I'm not as crazy as the video might make me look. I don't kidnap people. Unless those people are Cullen Rutherford. I can't make any promises there...


Click Below for the mess I've made XD


Thrown away ending I wrote when I decided I hated Garrett - I still don't like him but I won't be petty :-(