Lots of New Videos!!!

So today was eventful and I got to add a lot of new content to the site. We have a new Indie Hunt up from Game Jolt. We have tomorrow's early viewing of David's Final Fantasy let's play along with the upload for today. We have a new exclusive live stream with David playing Dragon Warrior for GBA and a new color scheme up for the site itself. I also updated the buy now button so that it goes to the same cart and not separate ones. If you see anything else that isn't working let me know and I'll get right on it! 

Oh and I also am switching over some of the older videos for TGOC which will be a bit gory and I will either have them set with a warning or I will put them behind an age wall if I continue to get complaints. There are two posted warnings already and I am sorry if you decide to ignore them. There is blood and slight triggering events in TGOC videos. They will not be removed. You can not get me fired. I own the site. Stop threatening it. You will simply be banned.