Bloodbound - Update and Call for Volunteers

Hello my Loves,

I’d like to bring attention to a new endeavor for Skyrim! You know that really awesome game with the drunken nords and the swooping dragons? Yeah, we’re going to make it even better! Welcome to Bloodbound!

Bloodbound is a highly ambitious quest mod that seeks to break the barriers of bland vanilla DLC faction quests where one person could achieve the rank of leader in a single day. The goal is to truly give the PC a genuine werewolf experience by having to live firsthand the fear of being hunted and accepted into the fold. Interact and earn your place in the pack, and discover love amongst a world full of hate.

Features include:

The choice is yours – your decision will determine the outcome of the pack’s future, or if they have one at all.

–Ranked battles – truly earn your place by challenging other pack members for their rank.

–No quick progression – You will be required to complete normal day to day tasks before even considering rising in the ranks and progressing the story.

–2 in-depth romance options, male and female. They are Bisexual and available for both genders to fall in love with.

–Consistent 3-choice dialogue

–Every pack member has their own story to uncover.

–Pack hunts – experience the thrill of Hircine’s hunts with your pack members

–Mature and adult-themed topics to give a realistic feel to Skyrim’s harsh nature

With the level of content we are trying to create, we are in need of a good number of talented people to work together professionally. Please understand that a project of this grand scale will take some time to complete and thus we greatly appreciate the

commitment of those wishing to participate, especially considering it is entirely voluntary. If interested, here are the positions we are looking to fill:

Audio Editors – when VA’s are recruited and officially signed we will need people to clean and edit the audio.

Texture/Mesh Artists – There will be new armors and potentially new textures for our NPC’s. We need someone skilled in the ability to edit and apply textures and meshes.

Level Designers – There will be new locations created for this mod and we could use a creative mind to help bring these unique locations to life.

Voice Actors – With the creation of several number of NPC’s we will require a number of skilled voice actors to fill these roles and bring these characters truly to life. Those who can voice Argonians and Khajiit are especially encouraged to apply. (Note:

At this present time our script is still in development. We will be taking applications, but we will not be contacting voice actors for auditions for some period of time.)

Modders – People with general skills on how to work through the CK, create and edit quests, light scripting, etc. Primarily to help manage the load of such a huge beast.

For inquiries in regards to team positions please contact us at

To follow our progression, like our Facebook Page:

Here’s a quick preview of our bisexual romance options, Lucan and Kallis. They are going to be your primary source of information within your pack and will be there to help you progress as a werewolf. We are stressing the unique and in-depth development of our NPC’s to ensure that each and every player has a memorable experience.